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Simplify the Sale eBook Reveals Proven Strategies To Grow Your Business Faster Than Ever

the Raber twins teach simple strategies to Open the Sales Conversation, close the deal, and Grow Your Business

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In Simplify the Sale, you will discover how to:

  • Open Conversations: These 8 conversation starters help your prospect stop, think and make an agreeable decision.
  • Close the Sale: Influence your prospects to make the right decision using these 8 objection-shattering 'closes'.
  • BONUS Content: Words influence your success. We've included a list of words to avoid when you're growing a team.

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About The Authors

In Simplify the Sale, twin brothers Elias Raber and Matt Raber share key principles they used to start and grow a successful commercial roof restoration company that annually netted them multiple six figures in profit after just three years in business (with only one part-time helper).

Against the advice of their banker and friends, the Raber brothers started their own company during the real estate crash of 2008, at the age of 22.

Today, Elias and Matt lead a national team of contractors installing an estimated $90M annually in commercial roof restoration systems. They've also invested in developing prime real estate in both Colorado and Ohio, along with several other ventures.

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